Greg Wickherst is a single dad with one beautiful little girl, Izzy. As Izzy’s hair started to grow, Greg quickly realized that he had no idea what to do with it. He chopped it short, hoping that it would make things manageable.

And while Izzy looked adorable, Greg thought that perhaps his daughter would prefer to have a more feminine hairstyle.

He was determined to learn how to properly style his daughter’s hair. So, Greg went to the cosmetology department in the college where he works and learned on a mannequin. The students there were more than pleased to see this devoted dad taking the time to learn how to do the basics – ponytail, braid, and a bun. He went ahead and tried it out on Izzy.

It turned out to be a success! Izzy gets to have fun, girly hair because her father decided that he wasn’t just going to let a disadvantage stop him. He put in the work and the effort and it totally paid off.

Greg soon started experimenting with more advanced styles.

What a wonderful bonding experience for daddy and daughter.

When Izzy looks back on this, I’m sure she’ll realize how wonderful her dad is for doing this.

What do you think, nomination for Dad Of The Year Award?

The best part is that Greg became an inspiration for other dads. The college now holds Daddy-Daughter Hair Do Day where fathers can bring in their little girls and learn how to do their hair properly.

It’s not just single dads who want to learn how to do their daughter’s hair. It’s such a wonderful daddy-daughter time that other dads are getting in on this skill as well.

Such a simple choice for Greg started such a wonderful domino effect.