The quiz below, which you are about to take, asks you 10 color preference, lifestyle and color association questions. Try to answer each question without much thinking; your “gut response” will lead to a more accurate analysis of your true personality color.

For instance you will be asked such varied questions as: Which of 8 colors reminds you of your childhood?; Which of color group reminds you most of your first love?; Which of 8 colors reminds you of your family?; Which colorful bird do you find most beautiful and which of 8 colors do you most associate with success? These, and 5 other questions and your responses, will be used to come up with the most accurate conclusions about your true personality.

I can honestly tell you that this color psychology quiz pegged me exactly! Do you think you belong to the blue color family…being “deep, comforting, emotional and naturally intuitive?” Or perhaps you belong to the green color family…being “full of life and love…love the outdoors, [are] a natural optimist, and [are] full of wanderlust?” Or are you part of the gold family…[radiating] charisma, personality and individuality, making others feel completely relaxed around you?” You may fit into these or one of many other “color families”. Have fun taking the quiz, and let us know if it captured your essence!

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H/T: Sun Gazing