Do you ever get the feeling that you’re smarter than average? You might not want to admit it or toot your own horn, but sometimes it can seem like you’re simply more intelligent than most of the people around you. Well now you have an opportunity to find out once and for all if your brain truly is operating on a higher than average level!

This fun visual quiz can help determine whether or not you are of average intelligence, or much smarter than that! There are a total of 5 picture images and for each of them you have one type of question to answer, which is how many faces, words, circles, or animals do you see? Your level of intelligence is then determined depending on what you are able to extract and decipher from the various illustrations.

Image search pictures like these ones are highly entertaining and if you do them often enough they can help keep your brain healthy and strong. Part of the reason why that is so is because they’re specifically designed to challenge your eyes, brain, and mind all at once, like these ones do! They make you really think hard and engage multiple thought process pathways, rather than just one or none at all. Also, they happen to be great for passing time and can keep both kids and adults occupied. So share and pass them along whenever you see them. Test yourself now to see if you’re more intelligent than the majority of the population!

Via Sun Gazing