Drifting off into la-la land isn’t always peaceful. If you have ever experienced (or witnessed) a hypnagogic jerk, you know they can be a bit startling. Fortunately, they are also completely normal, according to Mental Health Daily. Scientists estimate that between 50 percent to 70 percent of all people have them, though most people don’t remember… Read More

After 53 years of being forced to perform in a circus, Rhea the elephant has finally been rescued. Most likely torn from her family at a very young age, her life as a young elephant was spent “being beaten into submission, punished regularly and deprived of food and water,” according to Wildlife S.O.S. India’s blog.… Read More

We move through life hoping that one day, we’ll be lucky enough to run into the love of our life, the person we’re meant to spend the rest of our days with. While some people believe that they only have one soul mate, others believe that you can have more than one soul mate, and… Read More

Pisces is the little sibling of the zodiac family. Like younger siblings in every family, they can feel underappreciated and misunderstood. They are the most fluidic and dynamic personalities around. This constant diversity of energy and intention makes it hard for them to build strong, long lasting relationships. They are socially nomadic as well so… Read More

I was at work, scrolling through my Facebook feed. We had been broken up for about two months. I thought I was over you. I meant it. And then I saw it. Your arms wrapped around another girl. You looked happy. You were kissing the top of her head. She was beaming, laughing, her face… Read More