thigh gap 1945

Just a thought, but we might be worrying for nothing. As you can see from this photo of 1945 Miss America finalists, none of these women have thigh gaps. Not-a-one:

From left to right, we have 1945 beauty queens Lee M. Wieland (Miss Chicago), Barbara Lee Smith (Miss Detroit), Bess Myerson (Miss New York City), Phyllis Mathis (Miss San Diego), Gloria Naomi Bair (Miss Philadelphia), Claire Thibadeau (Miss Boston), and Frances Lanell Dorn (Miss Birmingham). [Photo via]

Beauty Pageant 1945 No Thigh Gap Miss New York City

The picture above made it to the front page of Reddit today (simply titled “Miss America 1945 Contestants”) and I was pleased to see someone else commented on the post with the same thought I had:

“None of them are thin by today’s standards. Not a ‘thigh gap’ among them.”


I like looking at moments from the past this way because they can help put things into context. They help highlight how our beauty constructs of today have not always been around (despite what some would have us think). Here’s another picture from that year. It’s of Bess Myerson (a.k.a. Miss New York City) after she won the Miss America pageant that year.

Bess Myerson Miss America 1945 Winner No Thigh Gap
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Once again: no thigh gap. Want to see more photos of beauty queens without a thigh gap? Keep scrolling. We’ve got a bunch.


Two Miss Americas, No Thigh Gap

Here, in 1947, Miss America winner of 1946, Marilyn Buferd, crowns the new Miss America 1947, Barbara Jo Walker, of Memphis, Tennessee.

Miss America of 1938, Marylin Meseke

(Still no thigh gap… ahem)

gap 4


1935 Swimsuit Competition

Here, eleven of the fifteen remaining finalists in the Miss America pageant parade across the stage for the judges. Thighs for days, you’ll notice, and yet no thigh gap.

gap 5

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