Neck pain can make your life miserable, sending shooting pains anytime you move your head, your shoulders, and even shooting pains into your arms as it gets more aggressive. Many people notice neck pain seemingly all at once over time, or directly after they get up in the morning. Today’s the day where I say you no longer have to put up with that pain any longer! In fact, ignoring your neck pain will only prove to worsen your condition!


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There are a variety of ways people tackle neck pain including: massage, warm baths to relax the muscles, and even medication. However, today we are going to look at a variety of exercises that you can perform that not only ease and even eliminate the pain you are suffering from, but also prevent it from happening again in the future! All you need to begin is a towel…

Neck pain can be caused by mild misuse or can be due to more serious conditions.

Your neck, which is made up of muscles, ligaments, tissues, and bones can become strained or injured simply from misuse and bad posture as well as whiplash. Usually this pain will disappear over the course of a few days, but chronic pain or serious pain of course may indicate a more serious issue or illness that would require a doctor’s care.

Incorrect seated posture

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For example, if neck pain is accompanied with other symptoms such as shortness of breath, vomiting, or sweating it could be due to a heart attack. A fever and headache accompanied with your neck pain might indicate Meningitis. Of course make sure to mark off all other causes such as sleeping on your neck in a strange way, or working long hours at a desk without changing position, before you move on to more serious speculations!

Towels are often used in physical therapy as they are easy to find and can provide support!

There are a variety of exercises that you can perform with a common hand towel in order to relieve your neck in a safe manner, and build up your neck plasticity!

  • Put a hand towel behind the neck, and pull it forward by the ends with your two hands so that your hands land just in front of your eyes, via the towels extension.

This should provide support for your neck allowing it to relax! From here, using the towel as your leverage you can “steer” your head to the right, left, and back to get a nice stretch without any tension or strain (if you feel pain than you may stop, and try a different tactic, the phrase “no pain no gain” is not applicable here!)

This is just one of a variety of exercises commonly employed in physical therapy with a towel! In most cases neck pain is not something we should have to deal with on a daily basis, try this towel technique or if this isn’t for you try the technique in the video below!

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