We have seen hundreds of social experiments happening after the excess to Youtube and the known worldwide coverage of the content that is uploaded. It is a great thing that now people can walk up to Youtube in order to find solutions to their pettiest problems and you can indeed end up being successful in what you were failing at before like a hundred times or even more. That is why budding philanthropists try this platform to raise their voices against injustice and negativity.

Gosh here is trying to play a social experiment and this time it is with the homeless, all he needed to know was that wither or not the homeless are actually willing to share the little that they have with them and to his and everyone else’s surprise the response he got was way more than what he had expected. The homeless not only shared what little money they had with them but they also went far away to share the only things they had with them. Gosh ended up giving 20$ each to all the homeless he had met during his experiment and by the end he even shared his own pair of shoes with the one who shared the most for his sake.