With summer coming, parents should be stockpiling a bunch of ideas for how to keep the kids busy as they are out of school and will be hungry for activities and play time each and every day.

With the weather warm, this is no time for them to stay inside in front of screens! But to get them outside, you should plan on providing them with a bunch of different activities to engage in. Here’s one such activity that is so fun they will likely engage in it all summer long. Making monster bubbles! This is super fun and totally easy to do. And did I mention it will keep the kids occupied with something to have fun with all summer long?

Check out this tutorial as this mom shows us how to create a simple solution for major sized bubbles! All you need is dish soap, baking powder, and the secret ingredient which gives the bubbles their elasticity, guar gum. Mixed with water, you are now ready to take your wand and make some enormous sized bubbles. I mean, these bubbles are huge! The wand is very easy to make as well as it consists of two coat hangers, string and a small washer. Watch as she makes some of the biggest bubbles ever!

Via: damn.com

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