it’s said that we spend one third of our lives in bed. For that amount of time, many of us clean our mattress far few many times.


Your mattress absorbs sweat above all, but several additional bodily fluids we are all familiar with.

Unlike your clothes however, a mattress doesn’t fit so snuggly in your washing machine. Keeping your mattress fresh can therefore appear as a bit of a struggle.

In this video, you’ll discover (or maybe rediscover) several awesome hacks to remedy this, such as sifting baking soda over your mattress to absorb odors, Watch on to find out how it works and discover several amazing hacks that can help make your old mattress feel brand new.

If you’re from an older generation, you may already know some of these tricks, but many can be handy for younger people who may have never heard of them. Therefore, don’t forget to pass this on to everyone you know!